Posted by: John and Elin | November 12, 2011

Carlson West Investments

Carlson West Investments
P.O. 7568, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(818) 584-2121

We are John West and Elin Carlson.

Our current business plan is to buy ready-to-rent houses in greater Phoenix, AZ at or under market value, then use lease options and seller financing to assist homeowners who have basically good credit, but are still not able to get conventional financing, to purchase these homes. We are open to working with other investors, both in our acquisition and exit strategies.

Posted by: John and Elin | November 12, 2011

Defining our Business Plan

Now that we have completed all but one of our Tigrent/Rich Dad classes, John and I have been able to use our new knowledge and experience to refine and focus our business plan. We have found this to be one of the greatest challenges in real estate investing, as there are as many ways to invest as there are investors. The process has been both surprising and frustrating, but we are confident in the successful outcome of our strategies moving forward. We have short term goals involving single family residences in Phoenix, and longer term goals to expand into Texas and Nevada, incorporating larger commercial deals as we grow.

If you are interested in joining us in our real estate investing journey, please let us know! Success in this requires teamwork, and we are always looking for great team members.

Posted by: John and Elin | July 29, 2010

Las Vegas -Rich Dad Education

A power packed 8 days of financial education left us completely worn out as well as excited for our future successes. During this economic ‘adjustment’ in the world we learned how to take full advantage of the great wealth exchange that is going on and which will continue for many years upcoming. Lawyers, tax experts, investors, real estate specialists, paper asset specialists, successful business leaders, advertisers, marketers and self help gurus were there to lead us through a plethora of strategies. Following phenomenal advice from mentors and those who have successfully and powerfully made the journey, we cannot help but succeed in our venture.

Posted by: John and Elin | July 12, 2010

Off to Las Vegas

Elin and John are off to Las Vegas for a mega Real Estate event. We will let you know what we learn and bring that to our clients as a resource for their benefit.

Posted by: John and Elin | March 29, 2010

Bigger Pockets

We are enjoying the articles and forums on Bigger as they have lots of good information from experienced real estate investors in a wide variety of specialties.  Here’s a recent one on the importance of specializing: Bigger Pockets Article

Posted by: John and Elin | March 23, 2010

Thoughts on Real Estate Investing

John West and I, Elin Carlson, are embarking on an adventure, and learning hands on how to invest to create wealth in real estate.  We’ll be finding and making deals with three forms of income: earned, passive, and portfolio.  Join us here as we share our successes, our challenges, and what we learn.  We hope you can benefit from following our journey!